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Sizing Guide

The following chart should be used as a guideline.  There may be slight variances among the different brands sold through TKC. Measuring Notes: 

Everyone’s body is different & with growing kids, finding the right fit is not always easy. Here are some tips on selecting the right size for your child: 

  1. Always measure your child instead of relying on the age guideline or measurements you have from previous months. 
  2. Ensure child is standing straight with feet together and arms relaxed to the sides. 
  3. Keep one finger in between the measuring tape & body. 
  4. Keep your child engaged in conversation while measuring to avoid air filled bellies that can inflate the waist measurement. 
  5. If your child fits in between two of the listed sizes, always go up a size. 
  6. Once you have the measurements, select the closest size from the Size Chart. 

Keep in mind: Dresses designed to be a specific length don’t have to be worn that way.  A lot of the dresses we carry can be styled at various lengths – above the knee or slightly below, at the knee or mid-calf, floor length or at the ankle.  If you’re worried about the waist being too big by going up a size or two, check the product listing to see if the dress has a tie back sash/belt.

The following Measurement Guide is a great tool to help you in getting your child’s measurements accurately.